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Saving Orphaned Souls Sheila's Animal Rescue Mission


SOS ARMS have the belief that no animal should die unwanted, on the streets or in a kennel or in pains and have to meet the love and good care on this Planet !The mission promoted by SOS ARMS is a PROMISE of :- SAVING MORE LIFE...As we know we cannot SAVE THEM ALL but at lest WE TRY to save as many as possible. Great /big dreams are made brick by brick. SOS ARMS have the dream to build a decent SHELTER - brick by brick , in order to be able to save more life of the stray dogs or killing shelter dogs . This could be possible only in a TEAMWORK with more kind people worldwide getting involved.- Effectively and permanently reduce the number of stray animals locally and national through massive sterilization campaigns, and the placement of the rescued animals in loving responsible adoptive families in order to solve one of the acute problems faced by communities in Romania today.- Promoting and encouraging love for all animals and preventing maltreatment and cruelty to all animals;- Combating, by legal means, the cruelty and bad treatment for animals;- Promoting the animals rights, opting for euthanasia only in extreme conditions, imposed by incurable diseases that cause suffering to animals;- Regularly visits in public shelters ( killing shelters ), investigating the animal health and promoting dogs for adoption .- Rehabilitation of traumatized, abused animals. PLEASE DON'T MAKE AN EMOTIONAL DECISION WHEN CHOOSING TO ADOPT A DOG/CAT! A DOG IS FOR LIFE !