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Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and fate of Roman mythology, inspires us, because we want to change the lives of as many animals as possible. 
Our focus is on sustainable animal protection on site. We cooperate with small organizations and lone fighters at home and abroad and support them with meaningful measures to alleviate animal suffering. 
We support animal welfare projects where there is need and nobody else helps. For projects abroad, this mainly means medical care, castration and feeding of animals, as well as the construction or extension of sanitary facilities. 
For only in this way can something change in the countries concerned in the longer term.

Current Projects

  • PROJECT LIFE: Medical care of dogs in Public Shelter Plovdiv, Bulgaria; occasional  and placement of animals in a home. 
  • PRIVATE SHELTER: Supporting Animal Welfare Bulgaria on the construction of a sanctuary in Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Castrations, medical care of the animals, as well as the education of the local people about animal welfare belong to it.
  • LOVE FOR 4 PAWS: We support two dedicated animal welfare activists with the expansion of their shelter in Ihtiman, Bulgaria; also medical care of the animals, castrations and education of the population.
  • SHELTER VELINGRAD: Together with Animal Welfare we take care of the animals, medical care and food deliveries. 

We are a non-profit organization and do not pursue commercial purposes. The association may not use funds for activities other than the purpose of the association, the protection of disadvantaged and distressed animals. 
All board members and volunteers are volunteers.We love animals over everything and we want to make a contribution to make life more livable for disadvantaged four-legged friends. 

More about our projects, animals looking for a home and about the dedicated, small team can be found on our website www.fortuna-animals.ch

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