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Ia-ma acasa! 

Asociatie pentru protectia animalelor

The Animal Protection Association "IA-MA ACASA" was officially established on September 23, 2004, although our team has been involved in animal protection for many years.The founding members are of all professions: doctor, computer scientist, engineer, hairdresser, unemployed, pensioners. Beyond the professional differences, we were all united by our love for animals and the desire to do what we can to save them.No aspect of this activity was foreign to us: hundreds of neutered animals, saved from death, given up for adoption, adopted by us - we filled our houses with them, both us and our friends - and all that in the conditions in which almost nobody contributes materially with anything. We have assumed all the hardships, no one has forced us to do so, maybe only love, respect for animals and deep belief that any form of life is the work of God, and we humans, made in His image and likeness, have a moral duty to protect His Creation.Confronted daily with the cruelty of the people, with mentalities difficult to dismantle, with the obtuseness of the authorities, with the lame and anachronistic legislation, we continued to defend these wonderful beings, the animals, who do not lie, do not cheat, do not kill with pleasure and give us love lessons. absolute, disinterested, of morality and supreme sacrifice.