We are open every day from 9am to 9pm

Asociatia DoggyLand Family (Doggyland Shelter)

DoggyLand shelter is a temporary house for the dogs and cats who need us. Born at dumpsters, hit with cruelty, sent away from yards or simply abandoned at the shelter gate, puppies of few days old in card boxes, puppies or adults hit by cars or people, oldies with no teeth abandoned by owners on the streets to die alone, pregnant females who bother .. they all get a second chance for tomorrow in DoggyLand. The shelter it's a start for new, better lives, toward adoptive and forever families, a place where they receive safety, trust, food and medical care but also cuddles and basic rules of socializing and walking on leash. We can not save and take them all in, but the ones we do take, we treat them with love and responsibility until they no longer need us. And then another one finds his place in shelter..one by one until there's none.