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Help Labus


For us, unfortunately, the history repeat itself: we are in great difficulty because of the fact that we do not have enough food for the animals that we shelter ( the number of the dogs we shelter increased with 100 in comparison with last year: we now have 1000 dogs and 100 cats. We are now in the difficult position of deciding the fate of many dogs captured by dogcatchers from the town`s streets: deciding whether they will live or die. This is how we have gathered in our shelter other 1000 dogs. The bad situation gone worse because of financial crisis which affected all the good hearten people who have helped us with food for free (bones, seized products). We are afraid of losing control; all the hard work during so many years would be lost! Please support us in giving a helping hand to the almost 1000 animals we shelter. We know how to work hard but we do not know how to put an end to this difficult situation. We are trying to save all our work: the animals in our shelter and the numerous others we are asked to help through 112 emergency service.