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Kola Kariola


The Association for the Protection of Animals KOLA KARIOLA is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of helping animals without control in Romania, a social segment with a large deficit.The lack of education and total lack of authority make Romania a country of non-compliance with animals and the environment. Confronted with the raw reality directly in the street, of the hundreds of cases with animals in need, mistreated, injured, abandoned, tortured, in April 2014 the association begins the construction of a shelter in Fundulea, where, from its establishment until June 2015, they have About 400 dogs in the care of the association were housed: dogs rescued from public shelters, dogs rescued from the street, dogs abandoned in the field, in forests, injured or mistreated dogs that some people could not pass by. The association thus serves the community by taking abandoned animals, providing them with a roof, food, treatments and preparing them for adoption and reintegration into a family.The activity of the members of the association being evidenced by direct rescue actions, very viral in the online environment, with much emotional impact and which showed a cruel reality of the suffering of animals, the requests for help increased. The number of animals saved has increased. So, in April 2015, the association starts building new shelters on a 10,000 square meter plot of land in Belciugatele, a place with much better conditions, a place created with love and love for these animals of no one. A place where cats who will never find a home of their own will be able to live in conditions as close to what a home means and will be able to benefit daily from human love and attention.