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Why my address is requested?

Your address is requested for billing purposes.

Do I need to add a shipping address or a phone for delivery?

No. There is no need to add a shipping address or a phone for delivery. Paws Hope knows the delivery details from the shelter owner.

Why my address appears as shipping address?

From technical reasons each website require shipping address and billing address. If no shipping address is specifically filled in, billing address is considered automacatically as shipping address. You do not need to worry, all purchases will be delivered anyway to the shelter you choose to buy for and not to you.

When the goods will be delivered to the shelter?

Paws Hope is organising a transport to the shelter each time when:

- 10 bags are reached for Bucharest and Ilfov area (Romania)

- one full pallet (60 bags) is reached for rest of the country (Romania)

- to be discussed and determined for the shelters from other countries (depending on local distributors they choose to order from)

What's happening with the bags purchased if shelter do not reach minimum quantity for delivery?

Bags are never lost, we continue with food appeals until we succeed to fill in the minimum quantity for transport. In some cases Paws Hope will deliver even less if a transport is already arranged for other shelter in the same delivery area. These cases needs to be discussed ad-hoc.

Where I can see the stocks for each shelter?

Stocks for each shelter are manually updated almost daily and can be checked on www.paws-hope.com , push on buttons stocks summary and detailed.

Stocks summary will show you the total received versus missing for next delivery.

Stocks detailed will show you details about each type of product available in shelter stock.

Important: figures include also the bags ordered with bank/wire transfer not yet paid. At the beggining of each month unpaid orders are out from stocks files.

I'm not good in ordering online. Can I place an offline order?

Sure. Please reach out to Paws Hope at office@paws-hope.com or by phone 0040740750790.

What are the payment methods available?

Bank transfer / Wire transfer - after you place your order you will receive an email with payment details: company account, name, order number, amount. You will need to proceed with the transfer using your bank mobile app or you need to go to your bank to make the transfer.

Card - safe online payment offered by Stripe 

Is payment online by card safe on Paws Hope?

Yes. We use Stripe payment by card integrator on Paws Hope website. Check www.stripe.com for for info.

Can I order other types of products or other type of food beside the ones in each shelter store?

Sure. Please reach of to Paws Hope for personalised offers at office@paws-hope.com or 0040740750790.

I'm a shelter and I have an urgency for another product or for another type of food. Can I exchange the food from stock into what I need?

Yes, we can deliver what you ask for by spending the same amount for your desired products. Please contact Paws Hope at office@paws-hope.com or 0040740750790.

What are the terms and conditions of the site?

Please read T&C here https://www.paws-hope.com/terms-and-conditions/

Do you comply with GDPR rules?

Yes. Please consult privacy policy here https://www.paws-hope.com/privacy-policy/

What is the return policy?

Please read return policy here https://www.paws-hope.com/return-policy/

How I can contact you for more information, proposals, feedback and improvement suggestions? 

You can reach our to Paws Hope team by email at office@paws-hope.com, by phone at 0040740750790 or using online contact form https://www.paws-hope.com/contact/

I would like to add a shelter on Paws Hope. How can I do that?

We are happy to support and add any shelter/rescuer/association on Paws Hope. Please contact us to offer more details.

Has Paws Hope multi countries coverage or just Romania?

Yes, Paws Hope has multi country coverage. We establish contractual terms with local producers and suppliers.

How much cost the transport to the shelter?

Transport to shelters is free of charge for the products from the wish list set in the store.

What are the costs for the shelters to be added on Paws Hope Marketplace?

There are no costs for the shelters or for the customers helping them.

What are the currencies used on the site?

There are 4 currencies available on the site: EUR, USD, GBP, RON

What is the language on the site?

English. If you need to read in your preffered language please use Google Chrome browser and choose your preffered translation language.

I do not know english. How can I reach out to you in another language?

Paws Hope team only speaks romanian (native) and english. You can contact us in writting in any language and we will reply to you the same as we are using performant translators to answer in all languages. No language barriers will stop us help.