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Gogu Shelter

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Daniela Sandoiu rescued her first dog in 2014. Since then she and her husband have saved the lives of around 500 desperate animals. By Spring 2019, Daniela's home was bursting at the seams with 440 dogs, 11 cats, 4 lambs (saved from slaughter) and a horse! With the help of a generous donor, The Gogu Shelter was set-up in Buzau, Romania. It was named after Daniela's first dog Gogu, a disabled boy. To date it provides a safe home for over 200 dogs, the lambs and the horse. As the shelter garners support, it hopes to build more accommodation so the remaining animals can be moved there. Thank you for joining the Gogu Family. 
We are delighted to have you on board and can't wait to make dreams come true together!