I recommend Paws Hope as your trusted partner store for your  future Projects!

Marinela Tudor

Asociatia Paws United / 

Margaret Shelter

Thank you so much for your collaboration!
Our first pallet arrived today 


Alx Manolache

DoggyLand Family

Your love for animals and helping them says it all. ❤️

Amy Hollon

I highly recommend and trust you! Professionalism at home!

Stan Lungu Minodora

Just great to have Paws Hope when you want to donate food for a shelter. I did twice for Doggyland and it was so easy with the help of Iulia Plesa! 🙏💖 Love this way. It is good and very professional. Thanks you so much!

Wilma van Andel

Thank you Iulia Plesa (Paws Hope) and last but not least to all those who do not let us hard !!!

Petra Ciocan

Animal Rescue Shelter

Good dogs and cats food

Buy cheap orders!!!

Christiane Landshut