Rescuer Cösti Ţitiriga


He loves animals and has a passion for saving abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of Ramnicu Valcea. His name is Costi Țițirigă, a young man with great soul. For four years, he has been active in animal rescue associations, actively participating in many volunteer activities.
Alone saved from the streets more than 100 animals, some injured in traffic, others dehydrated and not eaten, taking them to the veterinarian with the financial support of other people with high spirits.
In 2017, Costi Țițirigă also initiated a campaign to sterilize the maidanes, a campaign supported by the Animal Protection NGOs. Also, the child carries out a constant fight of public information, on socializing sites, to encourage adoptions in the Feteni Shelter and to sterilize the dogs on the streets.