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Skipper Beef Wet food for Dogs 6x1250g_Sufletele Nimanui (Nobody's Souls)

Skipper Beef Wet food for Dogs 1250 g * 6

Skipper with Beef is a complete and easy to digest food, which ensures a balanced diet for adult dogs.

Skipper's wet food with beef contains pieces of meat in sauce, cooked in the oven, without being fat and with an appetizing appearance and a smell of meat ready to be taken out of the oven. The production process is meticulous and at the end they are subjected to a sterilization process, to ensure a high quality and safety from a microbiological point of view.

Skipper is a Romanian brand, with over 10 years of experience in dog food. The networks contain carefully selected ingredients in accordance with the European Federation of Animal Feed.

Ingredients: meat and meat products (beef min 4%), cereals, minerals.

Additives: vitamins, without preservatives, antioxidants or dyes.

Chemical analysis: Crude protein 7%, Crude fat 4% Fiber 0.3%, Ash 3.5%, Humidity 81%.

Vitamins and mineral supplements: Vit. A: 1000 U.I./Kg, Vit. D3: 100 U.I./Kg, Vit. E: 10mg / Kg.


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