Purizon Adult Duck & Fish - Cereal Free 6.5kg_KittyLand

The purpose of developing Purizon dry food is to provide cats, which are carnivores, with a natural diet. Due to the 70% animal ingredients chosen, Purizon is high in protein. The addition of cereals was completely abandoned. Purizon feeds cats according to their natural needs. In the wild, cat food consists largely of meat, teeth, jaw and digestive tract being optimally designed to process meat and protein. The metabolism of foods rich in meat protein and animal fats works for cats faster and better than cereals.

Therefore, Purizon premium food has a 70% content of selected animal ingredients - consisting of fresh duck meat and fresh herring caught from the North Sea. Due to the 70% animal ingredients, Purizon Duck & Fish contains 44% valuable proteins and ensures optimum acceptability and tolerability.

Purizon has completely given up the addition of cereals or rice. Instead, it contains 30% fruits, vegetables and greens, which contribute to the health and vitality of the cat.

Purizon Duck & Fish convinces with the following benefits:

High protein content of 44%

70% chosen animal ingredient

30% fruits, vegetables and herbs

0% added cereal (gluten free)

No potatoes

Fresh duck meat for high acceptability

Made in Europe

No preservatives, attractants and artificial colors


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