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PRO PLAN Medium Puppy Sensitive Skin OPTIDERMA has been designed by nutritionists and veterinarians to fit the special requirements of medium-sized puppies with a maturity weight between 10 and 25 kg, which have sensitive skin, itching or dry skin. The combination of OPTIDERMA nutrients has been clinically tested and helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. Even itching or exfoliation can be relieved. In addition, salmon is a good source of protein and the risk of incompatibility is very low.

The food is gluten-free and provides your dog with all the nutrients it needs - vitamins, minerals, trace elements, plus chicory and fish oil - all of which contribute, among other things, to a harmonious growth, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining joint health. This way the puppy will be able to enjoy an active life.

The delicious granules are sized to fit the jaws of medium-sized puppies and are easy to chew. A beneficial food designed based on the latest scientific studies that ensure the puppy an optimal diet and maximum tolerance.

Summary of the food PRO PLAN Medium Puppy Sensitive Skin OPTIDERMA:

Dry food for growing puppies of medium breeds with a weight at maturity between 10 and 25 kg

Specially designed for dogs with sensitive, irritated or scaly skin

Clinically tested nutrient combination OPTIDERMA: supports skin health and gives skin shine

High quality protein: salmon as a source of protein reduces the risk of allergic skin reactions in food-sensitive dogs

Gluten free

Recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists: modern formula, developed according to the latest scientific discoveries

Healthy growth: a balanced mix of vital substances supports the puppy's development

Supports joint health: nutrients in food help maintain the health of joints of medium-sized dogs

Strengthens the immune system: supports the body's natural defense system

High tolerance: granules adjusted to the jaw of medium breed puppies


salmon (17%), rice (16%), dehydrated salmon protein, animal fats, corn gluten, corn starch, soy flour, dried eggs, autolysed, dried beet pulp, dehydrated soy protein, corn, minerals , cellulose, fish oil, soybean oil.


Nutritional additives:

vitamin A (31,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (1000 IU / kg), vitamin E (550 IU / kg), vitamin C (140 mg / kg), iron sulfate monohydrate (270 mg / kg), calcium iodate [anhydrous] (3.5 mg / kg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (54 mg / kg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (130 mg / kg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (460 mg / kg), sodium selenite (0 , 32 mg / kg).

Technological additives:



protein 32.0%

fat 20.0%

3.0% fiber

ash 7.5%


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