JOSERA SP Dog Senior Balance 15kg_ARA Association

Dry food for dogs Josera, Senior Balance, 15 Kg

Gluten free

Complete feed for adult dogs with a lower calorie intake.

Low levels of fat and protein, with a moderate level of minerals.

For our seniors: a special food meant to stimulate vitality, even in old age. The low protein and fat content helps ease the metabolism effort.

The well-tolerated balanced formula, which contains valuable antioxidants, helps counteract cellular aging.

Therefore, it is very suitable for older dogs.

• For older and less active dogs, with a lower energy requirement;

• Low fat recipe for obesity prevention;

• Low fat and L-carnitine content encourages an optimal ratio between fat tissue and muscle mass;

• With taurine, L-carnitine also supports cardiovascular functions.

Composition: whole grains, chicken protein (dried), rice, beet fiber, chicken protein (hydrolyzed), chicken fat, minerals, chicory root, soil (natural source of inulin), mussels with green edges in New Zealand (Perna canaliculus), dried.


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