JOSERA SP Caine Senior Balance 15kg_Asociația Negrilică

Dry Food for Dogs Josera Senior Balance, 15 Kg offers the perfect nutrition for older and less active dogs

With Josera Balance the dog can enjoy a delicious food, digested uspr, with a low protein and fat content.

Josera Balance dry food was specially designed for the metabolism of older dogs. With a balanced diet and exercise, the dog will be able to maintain an ideal body weight.

Food fibers will provide the feeling of satiety.

No artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives

No genetically modified ingredients

Meat meets food quality standards

Optimal tolerance due to the low level of fat and protein

With additional benefits:

Special recipe with ingredients with revitalizing effect on digestion

Suitable for dogs with an intolerance to wheat and beef, lamb, pork and fish

Healthy skin and shiny skin thanks to the optimum ratio of Omega-3- and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, biotin, methionine and zinc in an easily assimilated organic form

Strong bones due to the ideal calcium / phosphorus ratio

Natural inulin prebiotic contributes to healthy gut flora and also strengthens immune system

The revitalizing effect of yeast supports digestion

With packaging that retains the aroma of food


corn; poultry protein (dry); rice; beet pulp; poultry proteins (hydrolyzed); poultry fat; minerals; chicory root (minced, natural source of inulin); flesh of green New Zealand shells (Perna canaliculus), dehydrated.


Nutritional additives:

vitamin A (24,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (1,800 IU / kg), vitamin E (400 mg / kg), vitamin B1 (15 mg / kg), vitamin B2 (20 mg / kg), vitamin B6 (20 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (100 mcg / kg), niacin (90 mg / kg), pantothenic acid (50 mg / kg), folic acid (5 mg / kg), biotin (1,000 mcg / kg), iron [ca iron sulphate- (II) - monohydrate] (200 mg / kg), zinc [glycine, zinc chelate, hydrate] (160 mg / kg), manganese [manganese oxide- (II)] (16 mg / kg) , copper [glycine-copper chelate, hydrate] (20 mg / kg), iodine [calcium iodate] (2 mg / kg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.25 mg / kg).

Technological additives:

antioxidants: tocopherol rich extract from natural sources.


protein 20.0%

8.0% fat

3.0% fiber

ash 6.5%

calcium 0.9%

phosphorus 0.7%

magnesium 0.1%

sodium 0.5%

metabolizable energy 3428.0 kcal / kg

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