JOSERA P Dog JosiDog Economy 15kg_Dogtors

Dry Food For Dogs Josera Economy, 15 Kg is the type of food suitable for any dog ​​breed and is made from well-selected ingredients

The preparation process and the packaging that retains the aroma ensures the success of the Josera food, which is to the taste of the dogs.

Economy chair contains only high quality natural ingredients from Germany.

Dried dog food Josera uses only very good quality and natural ingredients for dog food.

In the production of hooks for dogs, Josera avoids the use of genetically modified ingredients and never adds wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The carefully chosen ingredients make the Josera BL-Economy dog ​​food extremely tasty and completely digestible.

Ingredients: meat and animal products, cereals, vegetable products, oils and fats, minerals.


Protein: 22% Fat: 8%, Fiber: 3%, Calcium: 1.9%, Phosphorus: 1.2%, Moisture content: 3%, Vitamins Vitamin: A 12000 IE, Vitamin: D3 1200 IE, Vitamin: E 80 mg, Copper: 15 mg.

Protein 22%

Calcium 1.9%

Fat 8%

Phosphorus 1.2%

Fiber 3%

Sodium 0.4%

Ash 8.5%

Magnesium 0.13%

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