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VanCat Cat Laundry Hygienic Sand

Vancat Lavender Compact hygienic sand is a 100% natural agglomerating and easy to clean bentonite sand that forms a small lump that keeps urine on the surface of the sand layer, avoiding evaporation and unpleasant odors and keeping the litter base clean. It leaves behind a discreet lavender aroma.


Easy and fast cleaning due to the training action of the Bulgarians which makes all the dirt can be easily removed.

Reduced consumption: the amount of sand to be added is equal to the amount of cleaned sand, no need to completely replace the sand.

High absorption power: high quality bentonites that can absorb 300% of their weight in liquids.

Instructions for use:

Fill the litter box with 3 cm of sand for the cat.

Eliminate lumps and feces every day.

Add enough sand to maintain the recommended level.

To maintain good hygiene, completely change the sand once every 25 days.

Do not throw sand in the toilet; it can become clogged.

Caution: It is recommended that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children not clean the litter.


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