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Economic package Animonda Carny Adult 24 x 800 g_KittyLand

Cats naturally love meat. Their natural diet is mainly based on meat. Therefore, a high meat content is important for the diet of cats. Cereals are difficult for cats to digest and, in addition, can trigger food intolerances. For this reason, Animonda Carny Adult is completely free of cereals and soy, making it suitable for sensitive cats. Only fresh meat-based ingredients such as heart, lung, muscle and liver serve as a source of valuable protein. These animal protein sources also provide natural taurine, an essential amino acid for cats. Taurine strengthens the immune system, supports heart function and vision. It also contributes to a shiny, silky fur and healthy skin.

The addition of dyes or preservatives was completely abandoned. Due to the vitamins and minerals in the composition, the food contains everything the cat needs for a balanced and complete diet.

Animonda Carny Adult in brief:

Complete and balanced food for all adult cats (1-6 years)

Ideal for sensitive cats with allergies

No grains: for the best tolerability and easily digestible

Exclusively fresh meat and offal: provides the best protein, natural taurine and an unmistakable taste

Open statement: the list of ingredients specifies everything that contains the food

WITHOUT: preservatives and dyes, flavor enhancers, soy, sugar

Made in Germany


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